Legacy of Clean™ Sustainability

Legacy of Clean™ L.O.C.® Multi-Purpose Cleaner - The original eco-friendly cleaner for more than 50 years

"We have used Legacy of Clean™ products in our home since 1994. Many of the products are Kosher certified and eco-sensitive. In addition, they are concentrated so we save money over the years."  Mike&Anna Chen, Amway IBO, Saint Petersburg, Florida 


By choosing LEGACY OF CLEAN products, you're getting just as much, or more, cleaning power with less impact on the environment.  LEGACY OF CLEAN products can help you reduce your environment footprint because of what they contain (and what they don't), the recyclable packaging (some of which are even reusable), and the processes we use to create these products.  We'd also like to give you a hand for making such a smart choice. 

LEGACY OF CLEAN products are never tested on animals. And we make responsible raw material choices by selecting effective ingredients that are renewable and biodegradable whenever possible. LEGACY OF CLEAN products are made with natural ingredients and won't irritate your skin or the planet when used as directed. 

LEGACY OF CLEAN family-friendly, planet-positive products are sustainable, featuring naturally derived ingredients for better cleaning results - and concentrated formulas. So rest assured, while you're making things cleaner, safer, and brighter at home, you're doing the same for the planet with LEGACY OF CLEAN laundry and cleaning products.

Legacy of Clean™ DISH DROPS® Concentrated Dish Liquid

L.O.C.® Multi-Purpose Cleaner

Legacy of Clean™ SCRUB BUDS® Pads

Legacy of Clean™ Dishwasher Detergent

Legacy of Clean™ SA8®+BIOQUEST® Concentrated Detergent