The VITALOK™ Cooking Method

The VITALOK™ Cooking Method

The VITALOK cooking method is an iCook Cookware exclusive.
The VITALOK method forms a water seal between the lid and
the pan that allows meats, fruits, and vegetables to baste in
their own natural oils and juices. This locks in more natural
flavors and nutrients while preserving color and texture.

Choosing the right pan

For best results, choose a pan that will be at least two-thirds
full with the food you want to cook. Always use the lid sized
to fit the pan. Use the burner closest to the pan’s diameter.

Creating the water seal

Place the covered saucepan containing the food on medium
heat. In about 3-5 minutes, steam will begin to escape from
the lid, and the lid may “flutter”. Spin the lid without lifting it.
If it spins freely, the water seal has formed. Reduce heat to
low. After a few minutes, steam will stop escaping and the
proper cooking temperature will have been reached.
For best results, use only low or medium heat. High heat
will drive moisture from the pan, prevent the water seal from
forming, and cause food to stick and burn.

What if …
• Vapor continues to escape?
Reduce heat to simmer

• The lid doesn’t spin freely?
Increase heat slightly

• The lid locks onto the pan?
Increase the heat slightly until the lid loosens in a minute or so
Do not try to pry the lid off

• The lid sticks to the countertop?
Gently twist or slide it while lifting up
Put a warm, wet towel on the lid for 60 seconds; it should loosen
Always place lids upside down on counters

Vegetable Cooking Time

Asparagus (cut) 30 min.
Beans (sliced) 25 min.
Broccoli (chopped) 20 min.
Brussels sprouts 15 min.
Carrots (sliced) 20 min.
Corn kernels 5 min.
Peas 15 min.
Potatoes (cubed) 25 min.
Zucchini 15 min.