iCook knifeware versus the competition

A cut above the rest. The well-being of your family is important to you, so why would you prepare their food
with anything less than the best? Compare exclusive features, pricing, and options of iCook® Knifeware with the
competition, and you’ll see how it cuts through some the world’s leading knifeware brand names.

  iCook knifeware Shun® Edo Wüsthof® Classic Ikon
Knives in Set 5 pieces 4 pieces 4 pieces
Knives Included 4" Paring
5" Petty
7" Santoku†
8" Slicer
9" Chef
3.5" Paring
5.5" Utility
8" Dual Density Utility
8" Chef
3.5" Paring
6" Utility
8" Slicer
8" Bread
Blade Material Stainless steel Stainless steel Stainless steel
Construction Forged Forged Forged
Handle Polyoxymethylene Resin-infused PakkaWood Polypropylene
Cleaning & Care Hand wash Hand wash Hand wash
Warranty Lifetime Lifetime Lifetime
Shears Included? No‡ No‡ Yes‡
Wood Block Included? NoठYes Yes
Sharpener Included? No‡ Yes** Yes**
Set Price (Suggested Retail) $349.70 $1,032.00 $685.00

Trademarks: Shun (Kai Corporation, Tokyo Japan); Wüsthof (ED. Wüsthof, Dreizackwerk, Solingen, Germany). 
Note: Most knife measurements are rounded to the nearest whole number and are blade measurements – not overall length. 
†Santoku in set has hollow edge. 
‡Available for purchase separately. 
§iCook comes in a drawer storage tray. 
**Sharpening steel, not a sharpener. Pricing taken from Williams-Sonoma.com. Pricing as of January 2011. Price comparisons do not include delivery charges.