iCook® Knifeware

The best recipes start with fresh, healthy ingredients and good preparation.

A set of good kitchen knives can make all the difference in the world when it comes to efficiency, presentation, and even flavor. iCook® Knifeware offers an ergonomic design and top-quality construction to satisfy the most discerning chef, yet easily provides beginners with professional results.

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iCook® Knifeware Knifeware Set
5 Piece Set
Item #: 102709

The tools to help you cook healthier, live better. The exclusive iCook™ Knifeware Set offers five premium forged, German stainless steel knives designed by renowned knife expert, Ken Onion. Great cooking begins with good cutting. Good cutting begins with iCook® Knifeware.


No two of us cook the same, but we all cook for the same reasons. iCook® provides the tools to help you cook healthier and live better. The iCook® Knifeware Set is made of premium forged, German stainless steel with ergonomically designed polyoxymethylene handles. A space-saving, safe drawer storage tray is included. 

Knifeware Set includes:

  • Chef’s Knife – 9-inch blade
  • Santoku – 7-inch blade, hollow ground edge (grantons)
  • Slicer – 8-inch blade
  • Petty Knife – 5-inch blade
  • Paring Knife – 4-inch blade
  • Storage Tray


  • Exclusive design (MLM channel)
  • Designed by renowned knife expert, Ken Onion
  • Premium forged, German stainless steel blade – combines strength with balance
  • Ergonomic. Comfortable grip. The weight of these knives is well-centered and the tip feels very light. This makes the knives feel balanced, lively, and easy to use
  • The top of the bolster is curved, allowing the user to hold the knife effectively in any of the basic chef grips
  • The bolster has a curved angle on the face of the blade, allowing for a looser, more comfortable grip, while maintaining overall control
  • The handles have a specifically designed curvature on the underside, which adds control and stability, especially when cutting larger, harder foods
  • The spine (top edge of the blade) is curved to improve overall balance
  • The cutting edge is curved to match the natural action of the wrist while cutting. This curvature also helps prevent the need to involve the elbow and shoulder when cutting
  • The tip of the blade is lower than the handle, creating more control for delicate cutting, especially when cutting on the bias
  • Versatility of five knives. Each knife in the set has a particular strength and purpose, allowing the user to always get the best cut available in a given situation
  • Easy to clean and hygienic
  • Space-saving safe drawer storage tray
  • Knives hold their edges longer due to stainless steel alloy material
  • Strength and flexibility, due to tempered blade