Pork Tenderloin à l’Orange

• 2 1⁄2 pounds pork tenderloin
• 1 tsp. vegetable oil
• 1⁄2 cup orange juice
• 1⁄4 cup orange marmalade
• 1 T. cornstarch
• 2 T. fresh lemon juice
• 1 tsp. prepared horseradish
• 1⁄2 tsp. ground cinnamon
• 1 10-oz. can mandarin orange segments, drained

Slice pork tenderloin across the grain into eight pieces. Using a
meat mallet, flatten each piece slightly. Heat oil in the sauté pan
over medium heat. Add pork slices and brown quickly for 1
minute on each side.

In the mixing bowl, thoroughly mix the orange juice, marmalade,
cornstarch, lemon juice, horseradish, and cinnamon. Add to pork
in the sauté pan; cook over medium heat, stirring constantly until
sauce thickens. Simmer for 3-4 minutes. Transfer to a warm serving
platter and garnish with mandarin orange segments. Serves 4.

3-quart Sauté Pan with Lid
1-quart Mixing Bowl

Nutritional information
per serving
Calories 304 cal
Protein 32.7 g
Carbohydrates 27 g
Fiber 1.27 g
Potassium 574 mg
Sodium 71 mg
Fat (21% calories from fat) 7 g
Cholesterol 90 mg