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Tastier and healthier meals begin with great cookware. iCook® Cookware offers you more than just a quality collection of cooking utensils. It’s a carefully planned system that incorporates advanced technology, along with thoughtful designs, to provide you with everything you need to create almost any meal, or dish, imaginable. With a wide selection of exquisite iCook® pots, pans, and accessories, you’ll discover the joy and efficiency of making healthy meals.

Cook healthier. Live better.
Expand your cooking repertoire with these two new iCook® Saucepans.

iCook® Cookware products are backed by a 120-day Satisfaction Guarantee.
FREE Standard Delivery Program applies to registered customer orders of $120 or more. 

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The exclusive VITALOK® cooking method retains one-third more nutrients and flavor, as well as keeping the color of the food you’re cooking bright, fresh looking, and delectable. To create the VITALOK® moisture seal, place rinsed vegetables in the pan and cover. Place over medium heat for 3–5 minutes. When the lid starts “fluttering,” that indicates that steam is escaping. Spin the lid without lifting. If the lid spins freely, a moisture seal has formed. Reduce the heat to low. The steam will stop escaping after a few minutes, once a proper cooking temperature has been reached.


Multi-ply stainless-steel construction, featuring 18/10 surgical grade steel, and the exclusive OPTITEMP® cooking base, with a fully encapsulated aluminum base, improves heat distribution to cook foods and sauces evenly – on any type of cooktop – including today’s most popular ceramic and glass designs. OPTITEMP® improves heat distribution by 92% over Amway Queen® Cookware, and saves time and energy. With OPTITEMP® you can cook foods quickly over low-to-medium heat, with no “hot spots.”

Stack cooking

The improved heat distribution and conductivity of the OPTITEMP® cooking base allows you to stack cook an entire meal on just one burner. Stack cooking is an easy, convenient way to save space on the stove. To stack cook, place foods, such as roasts and stews that weigh more, have more volume, and take longer to cook, in the larger pan (when cooking meat, first preheat the pan to medium heat and brown the meat on both sides). Cover the larger pan with the Dome Lid and keep the heat on medium until the VITALOK® moisture seal forms. Reduce heat to low. Cover the small pan with its lid and keep the heat on medium until the VITALOK® seal forms on this pan. Then place the smaller pan on top of the larger covered pan. No moisture seal is necessary for the small pan when you’re melting, reheating, or keeping foods warm until serving.


The DURAMIC® nonstick coating on all iCook® Cookware Nonstick Frypans makes it easier to fry the healthy way – without adding oil or butter. And cleanup is easy and quick. This coating is the toughest, most durable nonstick coating in the world. It’s 50% stronger than the QuanTanium† finish on the Specialty Nonstick Cookware, and almost impossible to scratch. Exclusive technology permanently locks the nonstick coating to the pan. While you can safely use metal spoons and spatulas, nylon, plastic, rubber, coated, or wooden utensils are recommended. The DURAMIC coating is dishwasher safe; however, you may need to season the pan frequently if you choose not to hand wash it.


iCook® Cookware’s classic style and ergonomically shaped handles and knobs deliver a lifetime of superb cooking performance. The ergonomic handles and knobs were designed by a worldwide leader in handheld product design. Comfortable grips and convenient helper handles make iCook® pans easy to lift and use. The patent-pending handles are oven-and heat-resistant to 400ºF/204ºC.

Caring for your iCook® stainless-steel cookware:

First use – Before using iCook® Cookware for the first time, wash it in a solution of LEGACY OF CLEAN™ DISH DROPS® Concentrated Dish Liquid and vinegar to remove any lingering manufacturing oils and  polishes. Rinse thoroughly after washing. Dry with a clean, lint-free towel.

Everyday cleaning – Since regular dishwasher use will dull the appearance of the handles, hand washing is recommended. After each use, hand wash as soon as possible with DISH DROPS Concentrated Dish Liquid and hot water. Dry with a clean, lint-free towel. To avoid warping, never run cold water into a hot pan or immerse the hot pan in cold water. We don’t recommend cleaning the cookware in the dishwasher. To remove salt residue and hard-water deposits, pour a small amount of vinegar or lemon juice into the bottom of the pan to dissolve the residue, then rub with a paper towel. Rewash in DISH DROPS Dish Liquid, rinse well, and towel dry. If allowed to linger, the combination of salt, acids, oils, and “hard” water can corrode the surface. Never add salt directly to the surface of the pan. Dissolve added salt in water or other liquid. Salt crystals will cause pitting, especially when they are heated. LEGACY OF CLEAN SCRUB BUDS® can only be used on the inside and bottom of the pan. Do not use steel wool scouring pads, abrasive powders, or SCRUB BUDS on the mirror-finish exterior surfaces. If stainless steel shows white spots or pitting from lack of prompt and proper care, clean the inside surface with a solution of Metal Cleaner and vinegar, rubbing this solution with brown paper or a paper towel. Rewash in DISH DROPS Dish Liquid, rinse well, and towel dry.

Storage – iCook® Cookware® saucepans have nesting lids, so they can be stacked in the cupboard or shelf, or hung from the hanging hole built into the handle. Lids stay nested even when they’re hanging.

Caring for your iCook® Nonstick Frypans:

First use – Before using Nonstick Frypans for the first time, wash them in a solution of DISH DROPS® Concentrated Dish Liquid and vinegar to remove any lingering manufacturing oils and polishes. Rinse thoroughly after washing. Dry with a clean, lint-free towel.

Everyday cleaning – Since regular dishwasher use will dull the appearance of the handles, hand washing is recommended. After each use, hand wash as soon as possible with DISH DROPS Concentrated Dish Liquid and hot water. Dry with a clean, lint-free towel.

Everyday usage – iCook® Nonstick Frypans should be seasoned occasionally by applying a very light layer of cooking oil to the surface of the pan. Just pour a little oil on a paper towel, then wipe the inside of the pan with the towel. Do not use cooking sprays on the surface; they leave a residue that is difficult to remove.
Nylon, plastic, rubber, coated, bamboo, and wooden utensils may be safely used, while maintaining the appearance and performance of the DURAMIC® nonstick coating. While iCook® Nonstick Frypans are resistant to damage from using metal utensils, damage can occur if metal utensils are used frequently. Do not use sharp knives directly on your iCook® Nonstick Frypans, because the blades will scratch the nonstick surface. Use your Nonstick Frypans only on low or medium heat. High heat can cause food to scorch or burn, discolor the pan, and damage the nonstick interior. Oven use should not exceed 400°F/250°C.

Storage – Nonstick Frypans can be hung from the hole in the handle. They can also be stacked in a cupboard or on a shelf, with the Tempered Glass Lids nested inside the pan, to save space and protect the nonstick coating of the pan.

Satisfaction Guarantee. If, within 120 days you are not completely satisfied with your iCook® Cookware, your purchase price and applicable tax will be refunded. (The 120-day period applies to purchases made in North America only. Satisfaction Guarantee periods vary for purchases made outside of North America.)

Warranty. There is a lifetime warranty on all iCook® stainless cookware pieces, lids, inserts, and mixing bowls. There is a five-year, limited warranty on all iCook® Nonstick Frypans and Tempered Glass Lids.

Cook healthier. Live better.
The healthiest way to cook, anywhere in the world.
Exclusive iCook® technologies make cooking healthier and cleanup easier.

iCook® Cookware products are backed by a 120-day Satisfaction Guarantee.
FREE Standard Delivery Program applies to registered customer orders of $120 or more. 
Offer good through August 31, 2012.