GLISTER® Oral Care

Glister® Oral Care
We have used GLISTER® products since 1994. The toothpaste repairs early cavities and dental decay through remineralization*. In addition, it is concentrated so we save money - like having six toothpastes in one tube."  Mike&Anna Chen, Amway IBO, Saint Petersburg, Florida 

You and your family can enjoy bright, white, healthy smiles every day with GLISTER® toothpaste and these other GLISTER® products.

• Helps prevent dental decay, cavities, and gum disease.
• Repairs early cavities and dental decay through remineralization*.
• Removes stains to help teeth stay white.
• Removes and effectively prevents plaque buildup.
• Polishes teeth to a brilliant shine.

• Reduces plaque over brushing alone.
• Minty flavor freshens breath.
• Convenient portable size is concentrated – at least 100 uses per bottle.
• Soft and medium bristles help remove plaque – even between teeth – and gently massage gums.
• Slim head and comfort grip.
• Flexible neck helps reduce brushing pressure and prevents damage to teeth and gums.

• Long-lasting minty spray, instantly freshens breath.
• Convenient pocket size.
• Calorie-free alternative to gum and mints.