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Farms Nine Principles

posted Nov 18, 2011, 7:21 PM by Mike Chen   [ updated Mar 21, 2012, 12:38 PM ]
Owning and maintaining control over our own NUTRILITE® farms ensures that our supplements contain high-quality ingredients. Our crops are grown in accordance with nature, based on the following nine principles:
  1. The Farm Is an Organism. NUTRILITE® balances man-made and natural features and ensures that each farm has the right number and proportion of crops, animals, and plants, so that each farm works as a self-sustaining, living organism.
  2. The Integration and Diversity of Plants and Animals.NUTRILITE® considers it crucial to have the right number and diversity of both the animals on the farm and the people living on and contributing to the farm.
  3. The Preservation of Habitats. NUTRILITE® farms require the preservation of natural ecological areas – on the farms and along roads and waterways – to sustain native plant and animal species, and to limit erosion and water contamination.
  4. Wide-Based Soil Nutrition. NUTRILITE® replenishes the soil, rather than depleting it, by maintaining it with natural materials. We grow cover crops specific to the nutritional needs of the soil at each farm and create compost from manure from the farm’s livestock to further enrich the earth.
  5. No Contamination. NUTRILITE® avoids the use of synthetic pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers. We also use natural, environmentally friendly methods to control weeds, insects, and other harmful predators.
  6. Seed Preservation. NUTRILITE® saves seeds as an environmentally sound practice and to support the economics of local farmers who do not have to purchase new seed yearly.
  7. Traceability. NUTRILITE® records every element ever added to or taken from the soil to guarantee the quality of the land and the plants grown on it. Traceability includes tracking crop rotations to knowing the kinds of seeds used and when they were planted.
  8. Social Life. NUTRILITE® views the farm as an organism in itself, and also sees the community surrounding the farm as an extension of that organism. NUTRILITE® ensures that the farm will provide economic security and sustainability for people in the community by providing adequate health care benefits for farm employees and education for the children in the area.
  9. Continual Research and Development. NUTRILITE® farms are constantly researching new varieties and species of plants and the technologies required to stay at the forefront of sustainable farming and nutritional products. A commitment to continued research improves the botanicals that become NUTRILITE® concentrates, and increases the sustainability of NUTRILITE® farms.

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