Is organic always better? The answers might surprise you.

posted Nov 11, 2011, 8:09 PM by Mike Chen   [ updated Mar 21, 2012, 9:06 PM ]
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Chemical Concerns

While organic fruits and vegetables are grown with no chemicals, such as pesticides or herbicides, your exposure to such chemicals depends on the type of fruit or vegetable you’re eating. For example, fruits such as oranges that are eaten without the peel typically would pose little risk of chemical contamination because the portion of the fruit exposed to the chemicals is removed.

Conversely, organic strawberries might be a wiser choice compared to nonorganic strawberries because chemicals could come in direct contact with the skin of the fruit, which would then be eaten.

Another factor to consider when purchasing your produce is where it came from. Organic fruits and vegetables might not be as plentiful as nonorganic, which means that they could have been shipped from far away. The longer they’ve been in transit, the more likely it is that they’ve lost some of their nutritional content.

On this point, it would seem that organic produce is best. It’s obvious that farming without chemicals and the other ways that organic farming protects the earth far outweigh traditional farming methods. But on the flip side, if your produce has to be trucked across the country, that could be a negative for the environment.

Organic produce is often more expensive than nonorganic because it simply costs more to produce: It’s typically grown on smaller farms with less economy of scale. Plus, methods to control pests and weeds are often more expensive than those employed by traditional farming, driving up cost.

The choice to buy organic or not is yours. If you go the organic route, try to find produce from local farmers. That way you know you’re getting the best possible nutrition and that you’re not contributing to environmental pollution by having produce shipped a great distance. The most important thing you can do is to eat more fruits and vegetables in a variety of colors, no matter if they’re organic or not!

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