Amway White Socks Recipe

The All Fabric Bleach is not a direct replacement for Dry Chlorine Bleach in either whiteness maintenance or disinfection. Please note however that our Chlorine Bleach did not make a disinfection/sanitation claim. All Fabric Bleach is our best recommendation of a product to substitute for chlorine bleach for stain removal.

The Legacy Of Clean All Fabric Bleach powers out stains, but preserve colors. It’s sensible thinking, and it’s ours. Legacy of Clean All Fabric Bleach is chlorine free and uses the power of oxygen to get out wine, juice and dye stains in water of all temperatures while leaving clothes bright and the earth right. Now nothing that’s important to you will ever fade away.

I have included the White Socks Recipe which is great for helping all whites look their cleanest and brightest.

1 scoop SA8 Bioquest
1/8 cup All Fabric Bleach
1/8 cup Tri-Zyme

  1. Set your washer to the "normal" or "cotton sturdy" cycle and select warm water. Add All Fabric Bleach and TRI-ZYME Detergent Booster, then your dirty socks. Make sure your load isn't too large so there is plenty of space for the socks to move around.
  2. Once the washer has begun to agitate, stop the cycle and let the load pre-soak for 30 minutes.
  3. Add SA8+Bioquest detergent and complete the wash cycle.
  4. For HE washers which do not allow for wash timer setback, use the longest wash cycle possible (e.g the "heavy cleaning" or "cotton, sturdy" cycle).
How does it work?
The "dirt" on socks is typically a combination of soils, like clay and grass stains. The soil can get stuck in the fabric of your socks so you need to shake out all the dirt with lots of agitation (hence the importance of having room to move around and using vigorous wash cycle).  TRI-ZYME detergent Booster and SA8+Bioquest Detergent have special enzymes to break down protein stains like grass. The All Fabric Bleach helps keep whites their whitest.
Don't have time to pre-soak?
Add all the "ingredients" at the beginning, then at the end of the wash cycle (usually about 10 - 15 minutes), stop the timer before the washer begins the drain and reset it to the beginning of the cycle.  This uses no extra water, just extra agitation to shake out the dirt particles.